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Medical Records

Our solution allows you to organize all the information of your patients and access them quickly, besides being able to include a photo of each patient attached to the patient’s profile so that the physician has more options to work with the patient. The physician will have at all times the knowledge of how many patients he has consulted, he will be able to search by names, surnames, dates, etc.

Patient Appointments

The physician will have total control of the medical appointments of his patients, each new appointment is added to the profile created for that patient in the first appointment. The physician can see in a single window the latest medical appointments with the details of the diagnosed and prescribed. This function prevents the physician from making mistakes due to lack of knowledge of the patient’s previous appointments.

Medical History

With our solution you will have the complete medical history of all your patients with just one click, you no longer need to save folders or sheets in physical files. Let our solution organize your practice.

Personalized Prints

Leave behind the problems with the pharmaceutical companies for not understanding what is written in the recipe. Our solution allows you to print all the recipes with your personal logo and data from the physician so that he /or she only stamps and signs the recipe. Also print the recipes for analytics and special studies from our customized platform for you. As additional tools we have stamped sheet, return orders and other tools that will make your day to day in the office easier.

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